Bodies space and time throw them out
Those thoughts beliefs and values you tout
For you’re Spirit and Free
As GOD meant you to be
From your heart let ‘Yeah GOD’ be your shout!

Yeah GOD! is all about helping people improve themselves.¬† The simple rhymes and limericks are thoughts and ideas to carry with you daily and contemplate and apply as the challenges of life upset your serenity. I began to awaken to the GOD of my understanding during the process of realization that my ego-self was thriving on my downward spiral of separation, despair and chaos. Although it was probably the early 1990’s, I can’t say exactly when I began to proclaim Yeah GOD! on a regular basis. I do know that it seems to have seeped into my consciousness commensurate with the outflowing of Yeah Tom and the baggage blocking me from now-moment-awareness. I was never satisfied; it was never enough; I was never in the moment.


Sailing thru the arc of life
Living love instead of strife
Am I hopping
Or belly flopping
One we are wielding peace and yielding knife!

In my heart of hearts I know that GOD’s Will for me is to express JOY!, to promote Planetary Harmony and to realize that my natural state of being is full of blessings and gratitude. Yeah GOD! puts the focus on Love, Spirit, Forgiveness, Peace, Joy, Harmony, Tolerance, Acceptance and Heaven.

Come join us in celebration of Planetary Harmony and utilize these rhymes to maintain or restore serenity  as we declare Yeah GOD! to our friends, neighbors and the world!